What are fly screens?

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Insects and flies can be very problematic for households at different times of the year, they’re often drawn in by light, especially at night. It’s for your own good to find a way of dealing with them. The majority of fly’s and insects get through open windows, and this could be a problem in the hot summer as everyone wants the windows open. Fly screens are so important. Fly screens are screens of wire mesh put over windows to prevent any insects from flying or getting into a room. There are various types of fly screens available and are installed for preventing different types of insects from getting into a room. 

Types of Fly Screens

There are 3 main types of fly screens available for you to choose from. They include the retractable fly screen, sliding-fixed fly screens and hinged fly screens.

Retractable Fly Screens

This type of fly screen can be fitted in any place including patios, windows and doors. As the name suggests, when you don’t need them, you can retract them back. The process of retracting can be done using a series of pulleys or a remote. When they’re retracted, they’re discrete and are therefore able to make a proper improve in value.

Sliding-Fixed Fly Screens

These are made to be part of sliding doors. Hence, the sliding-fixed fly screens are specifically made for the sliding type of doors.

Hinged Fly Screens

The hinged fly screens are made to fit onto a door’s or window’s side using a hinged framework. They’re most suited for smaller apertures and windows. The mechanism in which these screens open is like that of shutters. They’re more cost-effective than the retractable type of fly screens.
Apart from the above three types of fly screens, there’s a fourth type of fly screen that is often used as patio enclosures. They’re available on a larger scale than the ones installed on doors and windows. If you love to spend a lot of time outdoors especially during the summer, it’s a great solution for you.

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Meshes Used on the Fly Screens

The most vital part of a fly screen is the mesh. They may come in various sizes but are largely classified into 3 categories. These include:

Polypropylene/ Polyester

This is the most popular mesh used in the design of the screens. It’s also the most cost-effective and easiest to clean. It’s simply cleaned using water and soap. Since it has strong resistance to the clawing of cats, it’s often cat-proof. This mesh is great for all types of fly screens and is suited for residential premises.

Stainless Steel

The solution to those looking for meshes that are very strong and secure, stainless steel is the answer. It’s great for security doors of a business. They can also be coated with powder to give a variety of colours.


This is the alternative mesh to stainless steel, it doesn’t rust, making it very long-lasting.

Benefits of Fly Screens

There are numerous benefits of having a fly screen over your windows, doors and patios. They include the provision of additional security, ensuring the safety of children, maintenance of privacy, saving energy, and provisional of additional security. They also maintain the view across the streets and allow in fresh air.

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