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Manufactured in the UK, our premium quality sails are designed to help you get the maximum enjoyment from your conservatory. InShade is a patented product with a unique self-tensioning edge to ensure your sails remain taut and smooth. Sails are available in white, standard or custom colours and a broad range of beautiful shapes and sizes' all backed by a 5 year warranty. Whatever your choice, they all come in the same sturdy, machine washable fabric that is InShade’s secret to always looking good     

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                            InShade Sails provide:

  •  Exceptional solar performance

  •  Almost unlimited design options

  •  Simple maintenance

InShade’s externally-facing surface has a solar reflectance of 72%, making InShade sails extremely effective at combating heat gain. Its dense fabric structure creates 100% light diffusion to eliminate glare and bathe your room in soft natural light.

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InShade stretches up to 30%, ensuring a perfect fit, allowing you to change your layout or even giving you the option to take the sails with you if you move. The sculptural aesthetic gives you the option of shading either the entire conservatory roof or just specific zones tailored to meet your requirement and budget.

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Made to measure sails and a design team with more than 20 years experience means you can have any shape possible no matter how elaborate.

Unlike conventional blinds InShade sails can be machine-washed to help maintain both looks and performance. Designed to be fully removed in seconds, after washing just hook the sails back in place without drying or ironing.