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Wood Venetian Blinds


Wood Venetian blinds give ambiance and warmth to any home. They are stylish and highly fashionable but also help to insulate your home and are very versatile, as they can be tilted to give solar protection and privacy whilst keeping some visibility. Wood Venetian blinds will enhance any room.

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Quality Wooden Venetian blinds are available in a range of colours, from natural wood colours to white, creams and black, and even blue, green or grey in one of our more bespoke ranges.

Wood Venetian blinds are available in slat sizes 25/35/50/63mm, however the most recommended size is the 50mm as it is available in the widest range of colours, it is more sturdy in bigger window than the smaller slats, it allows more light into the room when the slats are open, whilst closing equally as tight as the other size slats and finally when they are pulled up, they take up less room at the top of the window than the smaller slats.

All our Wooden Venetian blinds come standard with a large colour matching wooden pelmet to cover the headrail and cord controls. Tapes are also available as an optional extra(10-20% depending on the range) which gives the blinds a high quality stylish finish.

 These are all custom made to your required window measurements.

                                 Privacy Blinds    

These high quality wooden blinds are manufactured in a unique way that provides maximum privacy. Rather than the standard large punch used to create the hole for the strings; these privacy wooden venetian blinds have a smaller, more discreet, hole placed at the back of the slat. This increases privacy while also allowing for a greater amount of light control and a cleaner aesthetic. Come in various colours 50mm.

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              We Also Offer a Supply Only Service.