How blackout blinds help you sleep better

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For our social lives, lighter evenings can really be great and peaceful. However, if we intend to achieve quality sleep, the light is a very bad component of our sleepy lives. This is especially, a big problem during summer when it takes much longer for the sun to set. During this time, there’s often a […]


Are conservatory blinds worth it?

Conservatory blinds

We all love to spend quality time in the conservatory, especially during the summer with family and friends. It allows you to expand the living space and be able to accommodate guests with this extra space. With conservatory blinds, it generally gives the full control of the amount of light that gets into the room […]


What Are The Benefits Of Roman Blinds?

Roman blinds interior design

Benefits Of Roman Blinds The blinds or shades are a part of the home often thought to be unnoticeable. The truth is these features can say plenty of things about the overall design of a room. One of the simplest, most practical window treatments, Roman blinds are a great choice to transform a room and […]


Best blinds to keep heat out


Best blinds to keep heat out Here is a dilemma, do you let your utility bill go through the roof with air conditioning being on the entire time? Or do you let your house heat up so that you cannot really stand sitting inside? Our answer would be neither, you should invest in window protection […]


5 Reasons to go for Roller Blinds

Roller blinds in kitchen

5 Reasons to go for Roller Blinds! When designing your perfect home, no detail should be left. Every aspect of the room must be taken into consideration with style, colours and practicality. Blinds are the easier things to change in a room to complement a style or theme you may be going for. But why […]


Welcome To Our New Website

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Welcome To Our New Website We want to provide our customers with the best customer service possible and that includes having a brand new website to make your online customer journey even better. So please have a look around our new website. If you have any questions about the services that we offer or if […]