How To Choose The Best Blinds For Bathroom

tiled bathroom, window

Are you redesigning your bathroom and looking for some inspiration on bathroom blinds to complete the look? Blinds are a very popular choice of window covering for the bathroom, they give a clean, elegant and modern look. The bathroom is a steamy moisture-based room and choosing the right materials for the window covering is important […]


Advantages of Installing Blinds in your Bathroom

Modern bathroom with roman blinds

Blinds are an affordable and popular choice of window coverings for your bathrooms, thanks to their simple design. Blinds are easily opened to allow excess moisture to escape after showering or closed for your privacy. Advantages of Installing Blinds There are many reasons why people install blinds into their bathroom. Below we have listed just […]


Benefits of Motorised Blinds

Motorised Blinds

When building or remodelling your home, you should think about energy efficiency. How you build your home directly impacts the amount of energy it uses. You can look for motorised blinds to assist in controlling the heat loss and solar gain experience at your home day by day. Below are some top benefits of motorised […]


Benefits of Inshade Sails

inshade sails peterborough

Inshade sails are the modern ways of shading conservatories effectively. They are designed with a strong and high performance solar fabric to control heat in conservatories, and are durable enough to stand the high temperatures conservatories can reach. Inshade Sail Blinds are available to fit in all homes, they add style and cool shade to […]


How to Clean Blinds

Your blinds may have attained a couple of flecks of dust or have a big coating of grime its significant to keep them dirt free. Fortunately, we have come to the rescue with the ultimate guide for cleaning blinds. Although we want to keep our blinds clean and well maintained, this may not be the […]


Choosing the right blinds for your home

Sun through wooden blinds

It can be difficult to know what blind to go for to make sure you get the right blinds for your home. With so many different options of blinds, it can be very tough to choose. Most blind types are versatile and work in most rooms, they can be paired with curtains if it’s a […]


Tips You Must Remember When Hanging Up Curtains

Hanging curtains – something many of us struggle with. Well not to worry, here at Blinds in Harmony we know what we’re doing, with over 20 years of experience, we’re experts in everything curtains. In this blog we’ll be providing you with five tips you must remember when hanging your curtains, sometimes it’s best just […]


Why You Should Buy Venetian Blinds

Venetian blinds with sun and greenery in background

Blinds have become a popular alternative for curtains in the past few years. A blind has numerous horizontal slats that are set in a pattern to block or vary the amount of light coming through the window. Some people also prefer to use blinds along with curtains for better sun protection, more privacy, and to […]


How to fit Venetian blinds

Man installing Venetian blinds on windows.

Guide to fitting Venetian blinds If you’re looking to give your room some shade and privacy, Venetian blinds are a great way to do this. As well as this, Venetian blinds are relatively easy to install. The process of installing is very straight forward, and anyone can undertake it and successfully have them in place […]


What are fly screens?

Fly screen on window

Insects and flies can be very problematic for households at different times of the year, they’re often drawn in by light, especially at night. It’s for your own good to find a way of dealing with them. The majority of fly’s and insects get through open windows, and this could be a problem in the […]