Why You Should Buy Venetian Blinds

Venetian blinds with sun and greenery in background

Blinds have become a popular alternative for curtains in the past few years. A blind has numerous horizontal slats that are set in a pattern to block or vary the amount of light coming through the window. Some people also prefer to use blinds along with curtains for better sun protection, more privacy, and to […]


How to fit Venetian blinds

Man installing Venetian blinds on windows.

Guide to fitting Venetian blinds If you’re looking to give your room some shade and privacy, Venetian blinds are a great way to do this. As well as this, Venetian blinds are relatively easy to install. The process of installing is very straight forward, and anyone can undertake it and successfully have them in place […]


What are fly screens?

Fly screen on window

Insects and flies can be very problematic for households at different times of the year, they’re often drawn in by light, especially at night. It’s for your own good to find a way of dealing with them. The majority of fly’s and insects get through open windows, and this could be a problem in the […]


How do commercial blinds help workplace productivity?

Blinds in an office

One of the top factors that must be considered when selecting commercial blinds for the workplace is its functionality. Depending on the environment that you want to create in your office and the office in itself, vibrant colours are never a great choice. The safest bets are timeless corporate colours and neutral schemes of colours. […]


Wooden Blinds Vs. Fabric Blinds

Wooden blind

Window treatments are classified into drapes, and curtains, wood blinds, fabric blinds or shades. Of these classifications, wooden and fabric blinds are becoming the most popular choices since they’re more economical, quicker to install, and easier to maintain.


Blinds vs curtains: Which is best for you?

Professional Roman Blinds Supplied and Fitted

When it comes to improving our homes, there are lots of methods and designs to choose from. Window coverings play a big role in designing because it completes the interior’s overall look. Blinds and curtains are commonly used to provide the room’s mood, atmosphere, and temperature. Here are the advantages and disadvantages of using blinds […]


How blackout blinds help you sleep better

blackout childrens roller blinds

For our social lives, lighter evenings can really be great and peaceful. However, if we intend to achieve quality sleep, the light is a very bad component of our sleepy lives. This is especially, a big problem during summer when it takes much longer for the sun to set. During this time, there’s often a […]


Are conservatory blinds worth it?

Conservatory blinds

We all love to spend quality time in the conservatory, especially during the summer with family and friends. It allows you to expand the living space and be able to accommodate guests with this extra space. With conservatory blinds, it generally gives the full control of the amount of light that gets into the room […]


What Are The Benefits Of Roman Blinds?

Roman blinds interior design

Benefits Of Roman Blinds The blinds or shades are a part of the home often thought to be unnoticeable. The truth is these features can say plenty of things about the overall design of a room. One of the simplest, most practical window treatments, Roman blinds are a great choice to transform a room and […]


Best blinds to keep heat out


Best blinds to keep heat out Here is a dilemma, do you let your utility bill go through the roof with air conditioning being on the entire time? Or do you let your house heat up so that you cannot really stand sitting inside? Our answer would be neither, you should invest in window protection […]