How to Clean Blinds

Man cleaning wooden blinds

Top Tips for Cleaning Blinds

Your blinds may have attained a couple of flecks of dust or have a big coating of grime its significant to keep them dirt free. Fortunately, we have come to the rescue with the ultimate guide for cleaning blinds. Although we want to keep our blinds clean and well maintained, this may not be the most enjoyable task. In fact, many people do not even bother cleaning their blinds until they’re completely covered in dust, leaving them no choice but to clean them or, worse, throw them away. Cleaning blinds may not be fun, but it is a task that should be done, whether you like it or not. No matter what kind of blinds you have, these tips will simplify the cleaning process.

A couple of rules that you should never follow:

Never fully soak the blinds in the bath. Some materials can be cleaned this way, but you do run the risk of rusting the blind mechanism.

On no occasion use a vacuum to clean blinds without a fabric attachment. You can damage and leave marks on the blinds.


Best ways to clean Venetian blinds

Blinds can be a terrible dust collector. You can use a clean cotton sock and get the job done in no time. Firstly, dip the sock into a bowl of water and mix a little bit of cleaning solution then wring the sock out so the blinds don’t get too wet.

Place your hand back inside the sock and then start at the top working your way down to get the dust off of each section. Please, note that this isn’t advisable to use this method on wooden blinds as they can absorb the water too much and warp.



Keep your blinds clean when moving house

Blinds can rapidly get dusty when moving to a new house you can prevent this by wrapping the blinds in cling film this is a lot easier as you can put them up and then unwrap the blinds.


Cleaning roman blinds

The roman is especially prone to dust and staining. Using an upholstery accessory get into the routine of frequently vacuuming them to keep them dust-free. When it comes to hard to remove stains you need to approach with little pressure.


Vertical blinds

These blinds are very little upkeep as they don’t tend to attract as much dirt and dust. A wipe down with a damp cloth every now and again should get rid of any settled dust. However, the headrail that allows the blind to wind up and down occasionally may need some maintenance.


Revive your wooden blinds

Getting rid of persistent filth on wooden blinds can be awkward. As wood is absorbent be cautious not to stain the blinds and if you get too much water or liquid on them, they may swell. If you do get too much water on them then make sure that it evaporates quickly.


We hope that you have found our blog informative and will find cleaning your blinds a much easier task. If you have any questions please don’t hesitate to get in contact via telephone on 0800 028 2942.


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