Interior Trends For Spring 2020

Modern Kitchen Design

Interior Trends We’ve Noticed so Far

Spring 2020 is set to showcase some very interesting interior designs. In this blog, we will be taking a look at a sample of some standout interior design trends that are set to take spring 2020 by storm.


Unique Design is Definitely “in”

This will not be a season of designers falling over themselves to copy each other. Instead, we can expect to see a lot of different and varied styles to be thrown into the mix. And many of the popular looks will be reborn with a new twist. So, you might still see the ever-popular all-white kitchen set up, but with some interesting flourishes that add something new for this year. It looks like a more individual look is going to be popular as opposed to a lot of copycat designs taking up the spotlight like previous years.


Unique Kitchen Design


More Use of Sustainable Materials

You probably guessed this one, but 2020 will be continuing the trend of designers opting for the more sustainable options when it comes to the materials they choose to work with. This could well lead to an increase in sustainably harvested materials such as rattan and acacia.


Use of Patterns 

Well, it looks like patterns are back in! There will likely be an emphasis on layered patterns for tabletop and textile designs, with unique styles that don’t follow any established rules. We can expect to find patterns mixing with colour, featuring patterns of different origins and scale. Another increasingly common practise set to arise is pattern matching, which is when the same pattern flows from a wall to a piece of upholstered furniture or bedding.


Modern Rugs 

Experts have given the impression that we will be seeing more unique rugs this season. Last year we did see a lot of unusual shaped rugs and it looks like this trend will continue. It will not just be the shapes that will be unusual, but also the materials that they’re woven from are likely to be the unconventional choice.


Two-Tone Kitchen Designs 

There is likely to be a shift towards two-tone kitchens as opposed to the one colour style that has been popular for such a long amount of time. For example, subtle colour mixes such as cream and white, or even something a little bolder like natural wood with a vibrant blue.


Two Tone Kitchen


Wallpapered Ceilings

We will likely see some interesting ceiling trends which will include wallpapered ceilings. It is a great area for wallpaper as the ceiling is a surface where wallpaper cannot easily be damaged, unlike its regular place of application.


Natural Curtain Material Designs

Silk and linen-cotton are set to be the designer’s choice when it comes to curtains as they favour a more natural material. You can also expect to see natural prints, flax, and bamboo curtains.


Rattan Blinds

We have mentioned how rattan is set to be part of the interior design trends for spring 2020 and that stretches to blinds. When it comes to window dressings, rattan blinds fit nicely into many designers’ plans, as they offer the balance of allowing a little natural light to flow through but still keeping the privacy of a household. Furthermore, they can add warmth to a room’s space and complement many different room designs.


It looks like 2020’s spring is set to be a diverse and interesting season for interior design. Designers are looking to mix both the traditional with the modern, building upon interesting patterns and material choices that will help inspire households up and down the country into creating something unique. 


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