Popular Types Of Curtain Headings

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The Different Types Of Curtains Headings

When it comes to curtain headings, there are plenty of choices out there to suit all kinds of décor. Many people will not consider the header when choosing curtains for their home, yet the heading is often the first aspect that the eye is drawn to. 

By picking the correct curtain headings, you will be able to maximise your aesthetic and get the best out of your interior design. This blog will explore the different options available and detail some of their distinct features.

Curtains Headings

Pencil Pleats

A timeless classic that suits the surroundings of any home. Pencil pleats are folded together tightly in a way that resembles a row of pencils. Pencil pleats are relatively versatile and can be added to poles or tracks.

Flat Curtain Panel

Our hand-made flat curtain panel headings are a simple solution to your drapery needs. The flat panel heading hangs from drapery rings or a traverse rod. You have the option to use simple clip-on rings that make mounting super easy, or you can opt for the more polished look and choose drapery rings that fasten with a pin.

Rod Pocket Curtain

Our bespoke rod pocket curtains offer a soft look with super clean lines. The rod pocket heading offers a simple look to the home. The fabric bunches up, giving a traditional homely feel to the space. Rod pockets provide a simple way to mount curtains to a rod and eliminate the need for rings or tracks.

Tab Tops

This curtain style has a unique look and feel and stands out from other more traditional styles. The curtain features individual eyelets that are stitched into the fabric. This allows the curtain to flow easily on the rail and makes opening and closing your curtains child’s play.

Double Pleat

Double pleats offer a warm and cosy atmosphere within the home. The header features a double fold at the top. It is an ideal option for patterned fabric as less of the material is gathered in the fold, and the curtain can showcase more of its design.

Gathered Heading

Sometimes referred to as cottage pleat curtains, this style of curtain header uses a finer heading tape to create a rougher bunched look. A gathered heading is one of the most simple designs available. It is ideal for smaller windows or windows that have a smaller drop. Gathered headings can be used on tracks or poles and are suitable for most fabrics.

Triple Pleat

The triple pleat header features small clusters of pleats separated by a flat section of material. For a more formal-looking space, pleats are a great choice. They are an excellent fit for modern and traditional homes alike. They can be used on both tracks and rails and can be measured to fit all window sizes.

As you can see, there is an excellent variety of choices when it comes to curtain headings. Taking the time to consider your options will help you to maximise the potential in your home. Speak to one of our experts today about which curtain heading is ideal for you. All our curtain headings are hand-made and can be crafted so that they are bespoke to your home. To find out more, head over to our contact page for more details or call us on 0800 0282942


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