How to Measure For Blinds

Measuring a window for made to measure blinds

Why You Should Invest in Bespoke Blinds this Year

Custom blinds are a great way to add a unique look to your home. But measuring and sizing a window space seems impossible, right? But it’s a lot easier than you may think.

An accurate measurement is the only way to ensure a great fitting window treatment. This will give your made to measure blinds an elegant and classy look for your home or business.

With the right information, you will realise that it’s easy to complete the process by yourself. This means you can save money without having to sacrifice quality. Electric roller blinds, motorised blinds and automatic blinds all have different benefits. It is important to research what type of blinds are right for you, to choose the right option for your home. 

Getting started

The first thing you want to do is pick the window covering of your choice, then decide whether you want to use an inside or outside mount. What you should know about the two choices is that using an inside mount for your blinds provides a cleaner look.

Alternatively, using an outside mount is the best thing to do when you want to hide an unattractive window. As it gives the illusion of a longer and wider window. An outside mount may be the only option in cases where the window isn’t deep enough to at least contain the blind mounting brackets.

Measuring for vertical blinds

Inside-mounted (recess size)

You should take this measurement if you wish to have the blinds fit inside the window recesses:

  1. i) Measure the exact width of the window in three different positions (top, middle, and bottom). Note the narrowest width, and provide this to the factory that will make the blinds. Do not adjust the measurements at all, as the company will make the necessary deductions to accommodate the mounting brackets and headrail.
  2. ii) Measure the exact height of the window at the left, middle, and right side. Note the longest height and forward this as the measurement. You shouldn’t make any deductions, as the factory will do so depending on the height of the headrail.

Outside-mounted (exact size)

The exact size blind is also referred to as “finished blind width” or “pin width”. You should take this measurement if you want your blinds to hang outside the recess, overlapping the window.

  1. i) Measure the exact width where the blind will be placed. You can add at least 3 inches as the total overlap measurement (1½ per side), to allow for optimum light control and privacy.
  2. ii) Take the exact measurement of the blind’s height from the top (the location of the headrail) to the base of the windowsill. If your window has no sill, you can measure where the blind will reach. Add 3 inches to the height measurement to allow for overlapping hence optimum light control.

Additional Tips –

  • You should keep in mind that the actual fabric width of the blinds will be 35-40mm narrower than the overall blind width. This will be to accommodate for any control component. As such, if you plan to fit your blinds outside the recess, it’s recommended that you measure wider to accommodate for some fabric overlap.
  • When taking measurements for roller blinds inside a recess, you should measure the width of the top of the window for a perfect fit.
  • If you wish to fit a roller blind inside of the recess with the brackets mounted to the sides of the recess, and not the lintel or window frame, you should consider measuring across the top of the recess. Keep in mind that you cannot side mount vista, day-night, and double roller blinds.
  • Even though it’s still possible to fit roller blinds inside of the recess, it’s recommended that you fit them outside of the recess to allow for easier use of the control mechanism

In summary,

That’s about everything you need to know about made to measure custom blinds to fit your windows. Since not every factory has the same practices or uses the standard measurements, you should always feel free to consult the company representatives before forwarding any measurements.

We hope that you have found this blog informative and has helped you to measure for blinds. If you have any questions for us, please don’t hesitate to get in touch with us via 08000 282 942 or head over to our contact page to fill in the online enquiry form. 


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